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“The roof looks incredible. I will recommend Redhammer to everyone I know!”

-Brian from Overland Park, KS

“This is our third property roofed by Redhammer. We would not have any other company roof a property we own!”

-Rick from Independence, MO

Innovative Roofing You Can Truly Rely On

You don’t get a new commercial or residential roof every day. Hiring a roofing company is usually a once or twice in a lifetime thing—that’s if your roofer properly installed the roof from the get go. After all, many roofing materials now carry a lifetime warranty.

How do you know whether or not a roofing company properly installed your roof? Many times you don’t because most people have little experience with roofing and roofers. That’s why Redhammer Roof Group puts so much effort into customer education and service. When you understand roofing basics, it becomes easier to weed out the good Kansas City residential and commercial roofing companies from the bad.

Redhammer Roof Group is a full-service Kansas City roofing company

Replacing, repairing or installing a roof can require additional services like masonry work, guttering and insulation and ventilation. Redhammer Roof Group saves you the hassle and extra cost of hiring additional companies for one roofing project.

Roofing 101

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