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Environmental Roofing Services

Roofing. Responsibly.

Redhammer Roof Group respects the environment and strives for constant improvements in maximizing our precious resources. In an industry commonly known for excessive waste and use of petroleum-based products, there are many innovations and practices that Redhammer Roof Group promotes to improve sustainability.

  • We install green roofs that encourage energy and water conservation
  • We work with energy consultants to determine if solar power is appropriate for the client
  • We use sustainable materials whenever possible

We go the extra mile to check which roofing option will work best for our customers’ needs while keeping an eye out for the environmental impact of what we do. We know it’s possible for a roofing system to save you money and energy, enable you to downsize your heating and cooling equipment needs, decrease pollution in urban areas, and more.

Reduce, recycle, re-use. Millions of tons of asphalt roof materials are sent to the landfills every year. When possible, we take the roof waste to facilities that separate and recycle these asphalt products. Metal scraps are re-used when possible, recycled when not. The green materials we use include

  • Concrete and clay tiles are made from renewable resources and offer a roof alternative that can easily last for many decades – even centuries! Properly installed, these roofs also reduce energy consumption. Concrete and clay tiles are easily recyclable, reducing the burden on landfills.
  • Metal roofs are light-weight, durable, and should last 50 years or more. Many are made from recycled metal and can easily be recycled at the end of their useful life.
  • Slate is beautiful and extremely durable. A natural product from the earth, these roofs have proven to last for hundreds of years. Longer life equals less landfill waste.

Green Roofs offer many benefits. Urban heat island mitigation, noise reduction, water conservation/reduction of storm-water runoff, and energy conservation are just a few of the value-adds of a green roof. They are also aesthetically more pleasing than most roof applications.

Solar Power is a great renewable resource that is being integrated into roofing applications. We work closely with energy consultants to determine which products best suit our clients’ needs.

Since 1998, Redhammer Roof Group has stayed updated when it comes to the latest in sustainable, eco-friendly roofing. Our goal is to consistently provide homes and businesses throughout our service areas with roofing systems that can protect each client’s property and increase the property’s value, stand the test of time, and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

To find out more about Redhammer Roof Group and our commitment to providing quality roofing with minimum environmental impact, call us at (816) 965-6220 today.

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