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Financing & Insurance

Financing—Convenient, affordable options for buying a new roof

We understand you may not have the money or means to pay for your new roof all at once and that unexpected home improvement costs can be stressful. Even customers who have the money sometimes prefer to take advantage of our easy, affordable financing options and save their cash. We are proud to partner with Hearth Financing. Click on the check rates button below to get started today.

Insurance Roofing Services

Storm damage to your roof is bad enough. Now dealing with insurance?

Redhammer Roof Group will take it from here.

Storm damage to your roof can be scary. We are here to help. At Redhammer we have experienced consultants that can take you through the entire process from beginning to end. We will help you to navigate the negotiations with the adjuster and insurance company to get you the roof you deserve.

Our people roof for a living, but insurance adjustors don’t. We know what types of storm damage, both seen and unseen, to look for on your roof and how to explain it to insurance so that you get a fair settlement and a reliable roof repair or replacement. Dealing with insurance takes time and the ability to speak their language. Let us walk you through the process and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Acorn Finance apply and get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

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