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Wood Shingles & Shakes

Redhammer Roof Group has a wide selection of wood shakes and shingles manufactured from western red cedar, cypress, pine, and redwood trees. As roofing materials, wood shakes and shingles are often considered the most stylish choices because of their textures and excellent finish. Wood shakes and shingles offer a rustic feel that lends added elegance to any home or building.

  • Types of wood shakes
  • Important information about wood shingles
  • The Redhammer Roof Group Advantage

About Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are generally made from logs or wood blocks, reshaped by manufacturers for commercial use. Compared to shingles, wood shakes are slightly thicker.

To achieve a more textured look for wood shakes, they usually have one or both surfaces split. The types of shakes available include:

  • Split and resawn shake – This type of wood shake is split on one side and sawn on the other.
  • Taper sawn shake – This type of wood shake is sawn on both sides and has a natural shingle-like taper.
  • Straight Split Shake – A straight split shake is produced in the same manner as taper sawn shakes. The difference is that it is split from the same end of the wood block, allowing it to acquire the same thickness throughout.

About Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are sawn on both sides from wood blocks, tapered, and have a relatively smooth surface. The most commonly used wood for shingles is western red cedar. Unlike wood shakes that have rough and varied appearances, wood shingles are smooth and uniform.

Western red cedar shingles come in three sizes. 16” shingles are called Five X. 18” shingles are called Perfections. Finally, 24” shingles are referred to as Royals. Shingles that have been re-trimmed to achieve perfectly square butts and sides are called Rebutted and Rejoined shingles (R&R).

Fancy Cut Shingles are used to create alternative designs, such as round, half-cove, diagonal, octagonal, fish-scale, arrow, diamond, and more.

The Redhammer Roof Group Advantage

The service life of wood shakes and shingles depends on the quality of the installation and the proper selection of roofing materials. At Redhammer Roof Group, we use only top quality shakes and shingles to ensure the durability of your roofing system.

To learn about whether wood shakes and shingles are right for your home and more, call 816-965-6220 today!

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